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In a time of uncertainty, there is free money available to you, so that you can fund your way through college. And you don’t even have to be the best student in the class to avail of it. Here to explain more is Jean O’Toole the genesis in how to win at scholarships and fund your education.

About Jean O’Toole

Jean O’Toole is a scholarship strategist, author, and speaker. She has been inspiring and helping high school and college students for the past 15 years to gain the funds they need to further their education.

Jean is the author of the book, Scholarship Strategies: Finding and Winning the Money You Need and Co-founded of Connections101. Jean creates ongoing workshops, seminars, scholarship clubs, and assemblies for students, parents, and educators.

Jean’s strategies have helped students win thousands of dollars.

Show Highlights

-Find out how to secure free money to fund your education during a pandemic

-Highlights how there is a scholarship out there for everyone

-Why winning a scholarship is completely possible

-How to get noticed by the decision-makers

-3 Scholarships that are available to you, right now

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Information and Deadlines for Scholarships Mentioned

Breakthrough Junior Challenge– Calling all students ages 13-18 worldwide. Apply to the #BreakthroughJuniorChallenge by explaining a big idea in physics, life sciences, mathematics, or the science of the Covid-19 pandemic with a short video. The deadline is June 25th. Awards of $250,000. The website is For more scholarship resources visit

Career Scholarship–  Calling all students enrolled or will be enrolled at any accredited worldwide college or university. Apply to the Scholarship from Career Analysis Organization of America. The deadline is July 20th. The award is $1000. Website is For more scholarship resources follow Scholarship Strategies on FB and IG and visit for one-on-one and group scholarship coaching.

Ocean Awareness Scholarship– Calling all students ages 11-18 in #middleschool and #highschool. Apply to the #OceanAwarenessContest #Scholarship. Choice of #art or #creative communication submit. Including web-based media apps, website development, game design – video or board, augmented reality, installations, podcasts, visual art, film, music, poetry, prose, and interactive and multimedia. The deadline is June 15th. The award is $1500. Website is For more scholarship resources follow Scholarship Strategies on FB and IG and visit for one-on-one and group #scholarship #coaching.

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