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I see it all the time, a beautiful woman who doesn’t think she is the right weight, she doesn’t think she is pretty enough or confident enough to find love. She doesn’t believe she can attract the kind of guy she wants.

She believes it will happen for others but not her, that she is so deeply flawed in some way and if she just spends another week, month or year fixing herself, then one day he will just show up.

But it doesn’t work that way, love comes from within, it comes from when we take action, because it is only when we are in action can we get better  at what we do.

Every skill is learnable including loving yourself more, talking to men, creating attraction and living to your full potential.

You started to take the necessary steps to find love. Where do you believe you would be six weeks from now?

Do you think if you did the necessary work with the right guidance love is possible for you?

Of course!

But honestly, it doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is what you believe about yourself?

Because that is going to be the deciding factor on whether you find love or not and how quickly.

It is not a matter of if you will find love, it matter of when do you want to be in love?

Ready For Love Bootcamp lornapoole

Imagine, instead of waiting you got going?

Six week group programme for women who are ready to welcome the right kind of love into their life.

Not quite ready to date? Want to love you first? During our six weeks together we show you exactly how to create long-lasting love first within and then with the right kind of guy.

And it starts with loving you and your life!

Why? Because loving you is the greatest step to manifesting love.

You may fit this program if you:

  • You are ready to break the pattern that holds you back from creating the love you deserve
  • You want to get crystal clear on what love looks like to you
  • You are ready to grow your self-love from inside out
  • You are ready to believe in yourself and love again and finally be able to give the right guy a chance
  • You are ready to move from this is “never going to happen for me” to in love
  • You are looking for a fierce leader who knows exactly how to get you there

Let this be your story…

Thank you, Lorna for saving me. You taught me how to be enough and to feel confident. Because of you I have a healthy happy relationship. I am peaceful with who I am as a woman in the world. I’m now aware of the mistakes we make in relationships and how to avoid them. Most of all I know how to date confidently and feel confident. You are doing such a great job I wish women would listen to you and follow your guide. I was a bit skeptic at first but listening to your audios and reading your articles it started to make sense. I always hear women say there are no men out there. Great men are everywhere and I met them when my perception changed. I learnt the world was okay and always has been. The common denominator was me and once that changed I saw everything in a different way. I will be sure to invite you to my wedding soon!

-Merylin, USA

“You are a top-notch coach: in no time, you understood my frustrations and limitations and advised me how to overcome them. Deciding to change, focusing on what I want, intending to find fulfillment in myself, rather than outside myself, using discrimination to make the best possible choices of men to date, realizing that who I am and how I am showing-up is what’s attracting particular people in my life, really learning my lessons as I go along, and living the creative life I love”

-Nancy, USA

Investment: $697

It is time you meet this guy, it time you realized you are already enough….

This programme is a fast pace coaching experience. You must be willing to complete all homework between our sessions and show up to all the calls prepared to take action.

Results? Ready For Love

What’s Included:

-6 Group coaching sessions with me, live Q&A plus coaching calls on how to finally break the pattern in your life, getting crystal clear on what love looks like to you, self-love from inside out, how to attract the right kind of love & two topics you choose is a must for you.

-Unlimited 24/7 access to me via email, Facebook messenger or texting for emergency girl chat if necessary!

-Complimentary workbook to give you all the tools, scripts and know how to find the right kind of love

What to expect?

I will be completely honest when it comes to your actions. I want to see you succeed in this programme which means not only will you be held accountable, I will tell you what needs to change so that you can master self-love and the man in your life.

I will show up for you, be on time to our group calls, having prompt response time to your questions between our group calls and giving you in depth feedback.

Start Today…

*Bonus When you say yes on the phone and start the program immediately you also get a whole hour 1-1 coaching session with me.

Get ready to fall in love, the right way…

To get started click the link below to book your discovery call.  All participations are accepted by application only.

Investment: $697

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