About The Financial Freedom Podcast

The Financial Freedom Podcast is dedicated to showing you how to create wealth and abundance in your life so that you can live a life of freedom.

We cover a range of topics such as creating wealth, investing, entrepreneurship, money mindset, clearing debt and so on; each topic is geared towards supporting you on your path to mastering your finances. Our goal is to leave you feeling knowledgeable and empowered about your finances so that you can live the life you deserve to live; I am committed to unlocking your financial freedom with you, by facilitating a conversation, one expert at a time.

We are the “how to”, to financial freedom with your host Lorna Poole, who is walking this journey with you. Let’s go on a journey of financial freedom together!

How do get your business the capital it needs to grow and expand? What about your business credit score? What are lenders looking for? Ty Crandall is our Business Credit expert and he is going to share with you how to get the money you need when you need it.
How do you know if a company is worth investing in? Returns on investment in some internet companies have been hundreds of thousands. Andrew Winn is here to share with you a company he believes is worth the investment About Andrew Are you looking for a possible extremely high-ROI investment
Financial freedom can be a minefield when you don’t know all the elements to consider. Eddie shares his insights on what markets are strong in 2019, how the recent events affect us and what to consider when making long-term investments for the future. About  Eddie Ghabour Eddie is the co-owner and the
Always wanted to side hustle? Find out how to create multiple streams of income by spending your time on productive side hustle business and what to consider before you get involved. About Lisa Linfield Lisa Linfield has a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to teach 1 million women about money
Ever wanted to invest in Gold or any other precious metals? Peter Hug is a precious metal expert who knows a thing or two about the markets and where you should be putting your hard earn cash when comes to investing in this vital commodity. About  Peter Hug Peter Hug
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