About The Financial Freedom Podcast

The Financial Freedom Podcast is dedicated to showing you how to create wealth and abundance in your life so that you can live a life of freedom.

We cover a range of topics such as creating wealth, investing, entrepreneurship, money mindset, clearing debt and so on; each topic is geared towards supporting you on your path to mastering your finances. Our goal is to leave you feeling knowledgeable and empowered about your finances so that you can live the life you deserve to live; I am committed to unlocking your financial freedom with you, by facilitating a conversation, one expert at a time.

We are the “how to”, to financial freedom with your host Lorna Poole, who is walking this journey with you. Let’s go on a journey of financial freedom together!

David Essel gets realistic about what it really takes for you to be financially free and how your desire to be financially free is really a desire to be emotionally free. About David Essel David Essel‘s work is highly endorsed by individuals like the late Wayne Dyer and celebrity Jenny McCarthy
Financial Freedom has shifted to creating your freedom at any age rather than waiting until you retire. It is how you live today. Patrick shares with you the important ingredients necessary to create your freedom today. About Patrick Donohoe Patrick Donohoe is a bestselling author and the author of his
Karen makes it crystal clear how you can clear your debt starting today. Follow Karen plans letter by letter and let us know how quickly you become debt free. About Karen Ford Karen Ford is a motivational speaker, author, and master financial coach. Karen speaks at seminars and conferences, motivating people to demolish debt
Hear Tom share his story from broke to a multimillionaire. Get the know how to create big money online, as Tom shares a smart way for you to do it if you follow what he shares. About Tom Antion Tom Antion has never had a job. He started his business formally in 1977
Self-worth has a big impact on your life. When we lack self-worth we tend to undervalue ourselves, we don’t ask for the promotion we want, we undervalue our programs and products and we tend to struggle with money and fail to create our life of financial freedom. Katherine Dean shares
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