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Is your dream to live your life on your own terms? So you can do the things you want to do with the people you love? But lack of money and your fear of having nothing for the future keeps you awake at night.

It is stopping you from making the necessary shifts to get your hard earned cash working for you.

Are you confused about investing and fighting your money mindset? Do you feel like you know nothing about portfolios and compounding? These pieces that you struggle with are preventing you from getting on the financial freedom ladder.

It does not have to be this way.

Welcome to the Financial Freedom Podcast, a podcast dedicated to helping you move past your limiting money mindset and unlocking your financial freedom.

I am Lorna Poole your wealth mindset strategist. I help you to let go of old beliefs that hold you back from creating true financial freedom. I am also the Founder of The Financial Freedom Podcast, committed to giving you the strategy and know-how to building a nest egg that outlives you.

As a Certified Coach, Energy Leadership, and, Index Assessment Master Practitioner ELI-MP. my programs and courses are designed to allow you to dig deep and make necessary changes in your inner world so you can create the very thing you want in your outer world: true FREEDOM.

Let’s go on a journey of money mindset and unlocking your financial freedom together.

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