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Really…are you? Take a moment and think about that question: are you friends with money? You may LIKE money and WANT money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are friends with it. If you want your money to work hard for you, you need to make friends with it. Think about your relationship with money the same way you would about a friendship: you need to treat your money with love and kindness and be respectful of it, which are all elements of having a positive friendship.

This may sound intimidating or “folksy”, but trust me: once you work on your relationship with money, you will be opening yourself up to receive more of it.

Below are 7 ways that I have identified in order to excel in your relationship with money.

Be Aware of Your Language

How you speak to others about money is a good indicator of how you feel about money, and what your currently relationship with money is like. As with anything else in life, attracting money into your life and keeping it is an inside job first and foremost. Mind your words, be respectful, and be appreciative.

Clear Bad Debt

Easier said than done, right? Debt can stir up a lot of emotions for people but just taking one step in the right direction towards clearing your debt will vastly improve your relationship with building wealth.

A great tip is to start paying yourself first while clearing debt. This will create an inner shift in you and will help you to build to clearing bad debt. Carrying bad debt is holding you back both mentally and financially, so taking action against that will be a key step in improving your relationship with money.

Respect Your Money

Respecting your money means treating the money you have with care. Spend it wisely and carefully consider where a good place for its use is, before you spend it. Reducing your impulsive purchases will go a long way in this because it will show forethought for where your money is going. You work hard to earn money and spend a significant amount of time working with the purpose of earning an income, so you need to be respectful about where you use it.

Be Grateful for What You Have Already

Like attracts like, so the more grateful you are for the money you have the more money will enter your life and stay. Once you start showing gratitude and appreciation for money, you will be showing money that you are ready to welcome it into your life, which will open you up to receiving more of it and building your wealth.

Know Exactly Where Your Money Is Going

Money needs movement, but specifically, movement in the right direction. Make sure you are putting your money where it will be increasing in valuing instead of decreasing. Interest rates can be an intimidating thing, but once you learn how to understand them, you can leverage them to your advantage. Create a wealth-building opportunity using interest rates, and get them  working for you instead of against you.

Give Money the Right Job

The best place for money is where it is generating income and increasing its worth for you. It is important your money is compounding over time and creating your financial freedom life. Research how this will be the most suitable for your life, interests, and goals. I recommend speaking to a trusted professional that can give you some advice in order to really make your money work for you.

Mindset is Everything

Whether we fail or succeed in life will largely depend on our mindset. Our ability to believe it is possible for us, and our ability to take the action we know we should take when we should take it are both integral steps in growth and progression. If you have a limiting mindset, you are shutting yourself off from more opportunities and higher potential. Our mindset is either working for us or against us, and if it isn’t working FOR you, it is most definitely working against you.

Getting rid of your poverty mindset {LINK} is an important part of creating wealth, so addressing that will help catapult you towards your goals for financial freedom.

Riches must start in our mind before we see it in our outside world. Growing up, I was always told that it was what is inside of a person that matters, and not the outside, which still rings true when considering our poverty mindset. If you are stuck in a poverty mindset, or are treating your money poorly, you are showing money that you do not hold it in a high regard. Adjust your mindset, appreciate your money, and you will see a positive shift in the way that money treats you.

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