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Are you sick of being worried about your finances? Do you feel overwhelmed with creating a nest egg because you just don’t know where to start?

Today, I am going to give you five actionable tips that will help you jumpstart your path to Financial Freedom!

Know Your Why

Creating any change or achieving any big dream in your life takes commitment and persistence. It takes a burning desire, so strong you will do what is necessary to achieve your dream. Your why is the one thing that will keep you going no matter what life throws at you. If you start to doubt your dreams, remember your why and persevere!

Know Your Number

You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is. You must know your number so that you can take the necessary steps it takes for you to get there.

Knowing your number will help you decide the income you need, the time it will take, the investment you choose and at what rate. Knowing your number is key to creating true financial freedom.

Pay Yourself First

Paying yourself first is a habit that you are either doing or not doing in your life right now (and let’s face it- a lot of us do NOT pay ourselves first). What is important here is the habit because ultimately it is the habit that creates the result.

We recommend that you pay yourself at least 10% but don’t panic if this is new to you; to commit to putting money aside just start from where you are at is the first step. Start with any denomination, even just $2 if you have to. The most important thing here is that you start. Just get going!

Your Mindset

Your ability to create freedom in life will come down to how much of a wealth or poverty mindset you have. When you consider your finances and your financial freedom, reflect on your overall attitude and mindset towards it. Are you hopeful for the future and ready to take action? Or, do you feel bleak and as though your finances will never improve? This mindset is crucial to the success of your financial freedom.

If you have a poverty mindset you will find it hard to increase your income, be fearful of running out of money and you will delay taking the actions necessary to, ultimately, creating your freedom. If you fall into the “poverty mindset” category, you need to address this before you can truly improve your financial freedom.

Your Education

Maybe you’re reading this right now and you are feeling energized to get going but you don’t know where to start, or you are feeling nervous about making mistakes. This is why educating yourself is so important! The better informed you are the more confident you will be to choose and do what’s right for you. There is an abundance of information out there that can be overwhelming and intimidating, but if you can educate yourself on the areas you need to focus on and are of interest to you, you will be armed with your own knowledge to build on.

If you are still feeling unclear on how or where to start, don’t worry! I have a solution for you. Join my popular FREE Course Break Free From Your Poverty Mindset today, so your head can catch up with your dream (and your nest egg can catch up with your future).

Start developing your wealth mindset; your ability to create wealth will be determined by how possible you believe it is for you. Get started on unlocking your financial freedom with your wealth mindset today!

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