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Erik shares with you two straight forward ways of how you can get into real estate. Shares the lessons he learned from past mistakes and how this is a good investment vehicle.

About Erik Engebretson

Erik Engebretson is a real estate investor and expert in real estate finance. Erik has been investing in real estate since the age of 18. Erik owns and manage two real estate portfolios. Both are a 50/50 mix of short term furnished and traditional buy and hold rentals.

Erik is also part owner and CFO for Guild Dream Homes, which is a fix and flip business. Along with being a full-time real estate investor, he has also worked as a mortgage banker/loan officer for ten years.

Show Highlights

-Erik started in college renting to friends

-Erik shares two ways you can get started in real estate with rentals

-Eric shares lessons learned such as having screening progress for potential tenants

-Why buy real estate that needs work

-Don’t be scared to get stuck in and reach out to others for advice

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