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An expert in mergers and acquisitions Jeremy shares with you how an entrepreneur can make money without marketing and sales, how fortunes are made in a recession, how to create genuine passive income streams and explains private wealth banking.

About Jeremy Harbour

In the late 1990’s, Jeremy Harbour acquired a competitor of the telecommunications he owned – without cash or involving a bank. Proving that necessity truly is the mother of invention, he figured out a deal structure that worked for the company he wanted to buy. In a single afternoon, he grew by a year’s worth of sales – and that solidified it – he became a deal junkie.

A globally-renowned expert in Mergers & Acquisitions in the field of small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SME), Jeremy speaks all over the world to advise on matters of business and enterprise. His commentary has been featured in the Sunday Times, Financial Times, and numerous other publications, as well as appearing on The Money Channel.

As the founder of Unity Group, a firm specializing in attracting investments and creating opportunities for SMEs to scale, he has advised on more than 300 acquisitions of both distressed and solvent businesses. If it’s a good deal, he pursues it, acquiring businesses in telecommunications, health clubs, spas, a music school, IT support, training, business process outsourcing, cleaning, air conditioning, and a cooking school, to name a few. With investments in 12 countries, you can say Jeremy’s business sector agnostic.

Jeremy’s passion for changing the mindset of wealth creation fueled the birth of Harbour Club where he teaches real tactics for buying, fixing, and selling businesses with no experience and no cash upfront. With new members every month it has become a change engine for good – helping entrepreneurs excel at wealth creation so they can be problem solvers in their local communities.

Show Highlights

-Entrepreneurs can make money without marketing and sales

-A lot of great fortunes are made in recessions

-Execute all the turnaround strategies

-Look at other business that you can be acquired.

-Income from deployed capital

-Creating genuine passive income streams

-Private Wealth Banking explained

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