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Such a powerful conversation about money habits. Michal shares great insights into how to change your relationship with money and other areas of your life by carrying out small ten-minute habits daily.

About Michal Stawicki

In 2012, Michal read the book titled “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, and he started to turn his life around. In the next eight years, he lost weight, broke over 200 personal fitness records, developed dozens of daily habits, doubled his income, started a book advertising business, liberated his wife from a day job, and published seventeen books sharing how he achieved all of the above.

He regularly blogs at and the story of his life’s transformation was featured in the re-release of “The Slight Edge” in 2013.

Show Highlights

-Changing your habits by starting small

-How Michal doubled his income

-When you install good habits, they change you

-Start from where you are

Power of the principle of paying yourself first and how it changed Michal relationship with money

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