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Find out what companies are suitable to apply for venture capital, where to source the money you need and what investors are looking for in their ideal company to invest.

About Nicholas Hinrichsen

In 2013 Nicholas Hinrichsen became the co-founder of the company Carlypso after graduating from Stanford Business School. He completed the YCombinator startup accelerator, the same accelerator as AirBnb, DoorDash, Stripe and Reddit.

In 2014 Nicholas raised a total of $10M in venture funding and in 2015 he had sold the business to In 2017 Nicholas Hinrichsen and his co-founder had joined Carvana pre-IPO. This went public at a $2.5bn valuation and is now worth $25bn. Carvana is the most valuable used car retailer in the United States today.

Nicholas and his co-founder stayed with Carvana for 3 years and left in June 2020 to start a digital auto loan refinancing platform. Their new business is helping Americans with challenged credit and is addressing income inequality.

Show Highlights

-Find out what companies are suitable for venture capital

-One company out of ten becomes big

-How to qualify for venture capital, need a company that can scale quickly. Technology company are very suitable for this.

-What to pitch

-Demonstrate your providing value, market access is very big, unique business

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