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Have you ever got caught out by taking out a personal loan or you are thinking of taking out a personal loan? Then this is for you.

Find out what you need to look out for and how to attract a loan with a better deal or outcome.

About Hina Chowdhary

Hina Chowdhary is the Director, Equity Research at Kalkine, and has extensive experience of about 15 years in the area of Research, which includes 5+ years in Equities Research. She has earned a Master of Science degree from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology.

Hina’s work profile entails an in-depth analysis of stock using a diverse set of financial data tools and models to provide appropriate investment opportunities and insights on which stock to buy, sell, or hold.

She has hands-on experience in developing industry breaking equity news, company-specific investment themes/ ideas, and other equity research related products. She is featured regularly in the Money section of Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun Herald.

Show Highlights

-Why you must read the small print and what can be hidden inside

-How planning before you take out a loan can save you a lot of money

-Giving attention to your credit score

-Who you get your loan from and why that matters?

-The benefit of consolidating your debt

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