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There are only three money concepts that you need to care about if you are to be truly financially free. Tammy has long wondered why such important information is not taught in school. Whether you are in school or not these 3 crucial money tips are essential for successful investing.

About Tammy Lynn Guns

Tammy has extensive corporate industry experience in auditing, business valuations, business development and healthcare operations for the past 25 years. Tammy has served on two different Board of Directors and has published two award-winning books. Her education entails earning four college degrees which include: a Master of Arts in Health Services Administration and a Master’s of Accountancy. She graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin.

Tammy is an engaging and informative international keynote speaker including a TEDx talk in Dallas, TX as well as the honorary chair at a global conference in Rome, Italy where she presented on “How Decision Making is the Single Biggest Factor Negatively Impacting our Health and Finances.” Tammy is on a mission to STAMP OUT FINANCIAL ILLITERACY so that all people can live a life of their dreams!

Show Highlights

-The rule of 72

-Why you must take advantage of the ‘time value of money’

-Why investing should be taught in school

-How to understand the numbers to calculate when you will be financially free

-How to decrease expenses and increase income to get you there faster

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