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Building processes for your website and your business can make a big difference to the number of clients you attract and revenue you generate. Thinking out a well-focused plan is a great way to create a profitable business from the get-go.

Joshua Maddux shares with you how to build a robust business that earns.

About Joshua Maddux

Joshua Maddux is CEO of 95Visual. He has an in-depth background in website planning, strategy, development, and architecture. From managing web projects to building and migrating large web applications, Joshua helps 95Visual’s clients establish and maintain a better web presence through Information Architecture, Project Management & Web Strategy.

Show Highlights

-Planning your business and planning your website processes

-The Importance of knowing your cost acquisition

-Knowing what a good conversion rate for your website is to deem it as successful

-Treat your website as a salesperson, how would you like that salesperson to bring you a business?

-Tracking what works and what doesn’t work

Joshua’s Gift for You

Every business needs a plan. Over the past 11 years, we have developed internal processes and now we have turned those into workbooks for businesses. Go here to download…

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