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Are you interested in real estate? But you don’t know how to get started. Learn here how to invest in real estate and create your own passive income streams.

Arbi shares his personal story of how he became successful at real estate. Sharing his strategy to making passive income effortlessly.

About Arbi Abramian

Arbi found his passion for real estate in 2002 combined with solving real estate problems. He melded his two passions together bringing so much joy into his life. Helping those in need. He helped people in all sorts of situations such as job loss, divorce, probate, over-leveraged, tired landlord, problem tenants to name just a few. He helped people get a fast and fair cash offer and move on with their lives.

Arbi decided to start his own educational radio show and invited professionals who were in the Real Estate spectrum as guests. His show helps and educates investors and homeowners about Real Estate and the process.

Show Highlights

-How a personal event in Arbi’s life led Arbi to be a successful real estate Investor

-He shares with you how you can get started in real estate

-The strategy he uses to multiply his income and the amount of real estate he owns

-How to leverage your investment

-Whether to sell or hold property and why

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