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It is scary to think that most woman do not have a financial plan because they don’t believe they can do it. They often depend on others like their husbands to provide for them financially or to manage their money but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Annette Rose is here to show you, how you can turn your financial future around for good.

About Annette Rose

Annette Rose is a women’s money coach, motivational speaker, and women’s cheerleader. With a successful corporate career as a senior executive in financial services spanning 20+ years and having experienced first-hand the struggles of ‘having it all’ – a career and a family – and mentoring many, many women over the course of her career she is now determined to empower 1 million women to turn the tables on the pay and retirement savings gap.

Show Highlights

-The benefits of a side hustle

-What you can do starting today to turn everything around?

-The recommended amount a single person should have at the age 45 to be on track for later in life

-How to deal with a lower paid career

-Noticing your money story or childhood beliefs and how they impact you later in life

-The real raw truth of what happens to women who don’t take charge of their financial future

Annette’s Free Gift for You

Often women leave their own financial security at the bottom of the to-do list – put yourself at the top in two easy steps with this simply Women’s Financial Fitness Check and Action Planning Session. See experts website for details.

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