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No money, no credit and no experience Vicky sold 60 houses in 4 years. Bought and sold over $72 million in real estate investment.

Truly inspiring story of grit, determination, creativity and sheer hard work. You will find yourself wondering why you’re not doing the same. A must listen.

About Vicky Schettini

Just four short years ago, Vicky Schettini was homeless with only $500 left to her name. After a devastating divorce where she lost everything, she packed up her remaining possessions and moved across the country. With nothing but her strong work ethic and courageous ambition to become a successful real estate investor, Vicky built an empire in record timing.

Today, Vicky has bought and sold over $72 million in real estate investments and negotiated over 1,000 separate transactions. She dug deep within herself to discover her resounding spirit that would do whatever it takes to create financial freedom for herself and her family.

Now, she wants to inspire you to do it too. With a no-nonsense approach, Vicky will guide you through your first real estate investment with her proven, predictable, and scalable blueprint. Once you understand the secrets of how you can find deals in any market, you can build your real estate empire as big and as deep as you choose. Vicky is more than just a queen; she is known as the “Empress of Real Estate” for the empire she has built with her own two hands and endlessly giving heart to serve others.

Show Highlights

-Vicky was homeless with only $500 dollars to her name, how did she turn her life around

-The power of getting around the right people

-Believe in yourself, do the work and do whatever it takes

-Vicky sold 60 houses in 4 year, the power of duplicating what works

-Vicky story will inspire you to make your dreams a reality. Once you listen to this podcast you will find your excuses falling away. What a powerful force and conversation a podcast I personally will never forget. Thank you, Vicky

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