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There is a better way to live. Where you can live on your own terms completely. And this is where Andrew comes in. He helps people like you invest offshore, get citizenship, lower the taxes you are paying and live the life that suits your dreams and your circumstances. Consider going offshore.

About Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson founded the Nomad Capitalist to help people increase their personal freedom and to help them improve their financial situations and intelligently diversify their lives.

Helping people save $280,000 a year in taxes, get a second passport in a matter of months to get started on building the business of their dreams, and give their children educational opportunities they never would’ve achieved otherwise via a citizenship by descent program are all examples of work he’s recently done with this mission in mind.

He’s spent the last ten years meticulously traveling the world with the purpose of finding the best legal strategies and on the ground knowledge that works.

Show Highlights

-Live where you are treated best

-Get citizenship in a country that suit your ideal lifestyle and build wealth

-Reduce your tax bill

-Go where the best investment opportunities are

-Approach money holistically. Who are you? And what is best for you?

-Starting with the end in mine

-Power of diversity

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