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Don’t want your kids to suffer with money like you did? Investing late and not having the basic knowledge to get going earlier. Teach your kids while they are young.

J.J Wenrich specializes in helping parents gain the skills they need to master money in youth. A gift that gives your kids the expertise’s needed to transforming their relationship with money, thus living a life of true financial freedom.

About J.J Wenrich

Author, J. J. Wenrich is a Certified Financial Planner, Educational Speaker and Financial Coach who resides in San Clemente, CA. He’s a 20 year investment veteran and dad with a heart for education and financial literacy. His family today is the foundation of the lessons taught on educating kids (and grown-ups) about healthy financial habits and Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks.

Show Highlights

-Getting your kid to make smart choices about investing

-Teaching your kids compounding

-Teaching kids how to manage their wants

-How to get your kids to be interested and enthusiastic about their financial future

-Allowance and chores

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