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Feeling stuck in life? Not sure what your path is? Find out how to unbox yourself from the life you’re currently living to the life you wish to be living and create multiple steams of income in the process.

Dr. Chris Hahn is an expert in helping people escape the rat race while building income to support the life they truly desire.

About Dr. Chris Hahn

Dr. Chris Hahn is a dentist, entrepreneur, inventor, freedom coach, speaker and author of the book, Unbox Yourself. He has a passion for helping people live a life true to themselves and coaches professionals through career burnout, giving them the opportunity to live a life of purpose and true fulfillment.

Show Highlights

-How to deal with “Is this all life has to offer!”

-How to find out what the soul enjoys

-Benefit of spending time alone

-Why you should keep your current occupation

-Ways to create passive income streams to unbox your life

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