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Third level education is costly and can leave students in debt for years. Slowing down a person’s ability to be financially free or even makes ends meet. Putting pressure on parents to provide.

Jean O’Toole is a scholarship expert and shares with you how to achiever your dreams of third level education without the worry of money.

About Jean O’Toole

Jean O’Toole is a scholarship strategist whose seminars and school assemblies have empowered thousands of students to take a proactive role to finding outside scholarships for college. Her book, Scholarship Strategies – Finding and Winning the Money You Need, published and released by Morgan James Publishing is based on her developed successful strategies which she has developed over a decade. Students have won thousands of dollars applying her approach to the process and it is her goal to help families across the country achieve their college dreams without the burden of college debt.

Show Highlights

-Learn about the different types of scholarships available to you

-How to earn college credits and cut your education costs

-What to do to save money if your child is entering college this coming year

-What you can do when your child is young, so college is not costly for you

-Average cost of college

-Outside Scholarships explained

-Planning your college years debt free

Jean’s Gift for You

Post a comment on the Scholarship Strategies Facebook page, Instagram page or YouTube channel with #FinancialFreedomPodcast to be entered to win a free copy of “Scholarship Strategies Finding and Winning the Money You Need” by author, Jean O’Toole.

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