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Do you want to increase in your income? Tae Lee is an expert in the area of getting your money working hard for you and she shares with you a few tips on how to get there.  How to create multiple streams of income.

About Tae Lee

Tae Lee, known as the “Money Maximizer,” is an International Best-Selling Author, speaker, coach, and trainer based out of Birmingham, Alabama. She produces diverse streams of income in the areas tax, real estate, insurance, and the finance industry. Tae Lee is also the author of other financial literacy books, NGB Money Success Planner, NGB Money Success Planner High School Edition, and more. She uses books, curriculum, workshops, speaking engagements, interviews, to spread her financial knowledge so that others can experience successful entrepreneurship with the freedom and money to live life on their terms.

Show Highlights

-Creating multiple Steams of Income

-Business consistency

-Savings in a high yielding account

-Getting your money working hard for you

-The avenues Tae Lee uses to bring in income

Tae Lee Gift for You

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