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How great would it be to have your investments set up so that you can protect your principal and solely live off the interest with peace of mind? Anne Amagrande will explain how this is possible for you.

About Anne Amagrande

Anne Amagrande was born and raised in a small southern California town outside Pasadena. Anne gained a sense of business acumen at a young age while working in her parents and grandparents printing business.

After College Anne worked in Retail Logistics and Operations, working with one of the largest retailers in the world and later became certified as a Global Logistics Specialist rising through the ranks and landing in Distribution Center overseeing operations of Inbound freight for 63 stores in Southern California.

In her spare time, she found time to work within her true passion for Real Estate and finance. Upon entering Real Estate, Anne began flipping homes. After a while, she realized that it was not feeding her true inspiration for helping others. Anne changed direction and sought a way to create a Win-Win-Win scenario. Along with her team, Anne created a truly unique system designed to create a Win-Win-Win model for Investors, Long term Residents, and locally owned and operated preferred Vendors, all while maintaining a profitable model for her business. Anne’s motto: “When everyone wins the world is a better place”.

Show Highlights

-Protecting your principal while investing in real estate

-Creating the interest, you can live off

-How to create an investment that is safe and security

-Increasing your cash flow

-The benefits of a physical asset

-Buy and Hold Strategy

-Building generational wealth

Anne’s Free Gift for You

6 Criteria to Safe Long-Term Investments Your CPA An Financial Planner Never Told You About. Provide email and name to download. To find out more go here.

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