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Financial freedom is possible for you! Most people don’t believe this statement. They think you have to earn six-figures, born into the right family, have the skills or knowledge to do it and so on.

Stephanie Gatewood is financially free; has paid off her home and lives the life she chooses. Today she shares with you how you can also be financially free and it is easier than you think.

About Stephanie Gatewood

I live outside of Richmond, Virginia, with my husband of almost 20 years and my two kids. When I was younger, I lived paycheck to paycheck and constantly worried about money. But now I carry no debt (even our house is paid off), have over a million dollars in savings and investments, and feel financially free. Because I see so many people struggle with money like I once did, last year I became a master financial coach and founded Financial Freedom Crew dot com, a website dedicated to helping other people overcome their money worries and find financial freedom.

Show Highlights

-What to do if you have a spending problem

-How she turned her life around

-Stephanie explains the concept of Hedonic Adaptation

-The power of prioritizing your spending

-Overcoming negative beliefs, changing your habits and implementing gratitude

Stephanie Gift for You

I’d love to give listeners my financial success checklist. The guide outlines the five money principles I followed to stop living paycheck to paycheck and grow our net worth to over a million dollars by the time we were 40.

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