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You can either choose to have peace with money or a constant battle but really it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you speak with Christine you instantly feel peaceful inside. Her holistic view about money will take away the stress, burden and worry you have been carrying around for years. Christine’s powerful teachings show you how to have long-lasting peace as you direct your money to the freedom and life you desire.

About Christine Moriarty

Christine Moriarty CFP, MBA is a financial speaker, author and coach. She has been quoted extensively in publications including USA Today, Good Housekeeping, the Boston Globe and Fidelity Focus Magazine, as well as several books including Living Your Joy. She has a monthly financial column in Vermont Woman and has been published in several periodicals and online publications. In addition, she writes a monthly newsletter, “My Peace on Money,” that reaches a growing list of several thousand subscribers. Ms Moriarty wrote Creating Your MoneyPeace: Your Road to Financial Health & Stability and co-authored Practical Freelancing: The Manual with Tim Brooks.

She has taught at the college level for over twenty years. She earned a BS in Finance, MBA in Entrepreneurship and a Certification in Financial Planning. She is dedicated to empowering others around their money so they can achieve their dreams. She is living her dreams by residing in the Green Mountains and helping others make peaceful, practical, prosperous financial choices.

Show Highlights

-Being willing to look at your money

-State of mind

-Looking at your numbers in black and white

-How to change your behaviour permanently

-Doing the work from the inside out

Christine’s Gift to You

Limited Offer! Join my MoneyPeace newsletter before the Summer Solstice on June 21st and qualify to win a free book – Creating Your MoneyPeace.

This mini-book will build your financial health and stability And will be delivered to one lucky person’s door by the end of the month.

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