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Knowledge is power especially in terms of financial freedom. Spending time every day to educate yourself on how to understand money can be life transforming.

Troy Rich and Rashida Fleming share with you how their education as transformed who they are and what is possible for them today.

About Troy Rich & Rashida Fleming

Troy Rich who is one of the youngest architects listed as a Forbes Council member in Texas. Troy has designed and developed over one billion in assets for some of US largest investors and now seeks his own practice holding a Masters in Architecture and 8yrs of real estate investing experience.

Rashida Fleming has over 13yrs of prime real estate investing while running a WBE property preservation company in multiple states. Her cutting-edge approach to real estate investing has allowed her to educate large scale organizations and investors on financial strategic planning.

Show Highlights

-Giving your money financial leadership

-Profitable Savings

-Money can depreciate, nobody tells you that

-Managing, clearing debt, budgeting, emergency fund and retirement plan are all key areas to changing your relationship with money

-Different ways to invest in property

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