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Debt, Debt and more debt. Debt can cripple you but it really doesn’t have to be that way. Mathew Paul gives you a solid structure to permanently remove debt from your life. So you can take control of your money before it controls you.

About  Mathew Paul

Mathew Paul is a financial coach who is changing people’s lives with his proven, innovative, and compassionate approach. He, as the Managing Partner of Mayanah Financial Coaching, has provided hope to many families, helped them break the bondage of debt, and provided ways to retire with dignity and leave a legacy for generations. He is a frequent speaker at churches and events, and conducts financial seminars on a regular basis.

Nineteen years ago, as a foreign student in the United States, he started his life with $20. As his income increased, the standard of living also rose, and soon was living paycheck to paycheck. 2006-2008 was a trying period for him with respect to family circumstances, finances, as well as the Great Recession. In 2009, he was introduced to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and he decided to take control of his finances. During his debt-free journey, he encountered numerous families struggling with huge debt, and witnessed their marriages crumbling in front of him. He received a divine calling to enable, empower, and equip people with financial knowledge to attack their debt.

He has 18 years of corporate experience in organizations such as Baker Hughes, GE O&G, GE Transportation, Cummins, Inc., etc. He has held positions in Engineering, Finance, Operations, Quality, and Program/Project Management. He graduated from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa with his MSME, and the University of Memphis, TN, with his MBA. He is a Dave Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach, and holds PMP and Six Sigma Green Belt certifications.
He has been featured in USA Daily Chronicles, WMAP, Voyage Houston, HIS and HER Money Show etc. He is the recipient of several awards and recognitions.
He is married to his wife of 15 years, Kitty, and is blessed with 3 children – Caleb, Jonathan, and Selah. He resides in Sugar Land, TX and is involved with several community initiatives. His hobbies include spending time with family and of course, you guessed it – cheering the Alabama Crimson Tide during football season. He is a member of Living Waters Christian Church, Stafford TX.

Show Highlights

– How so many people end up with debt
– Relationships are more important than money
– Be honest with yourself
– Track your money
– Mathew shares his personal story
– Needs and wants
– Should you pay off debt first or start investing? Mathew tells you which to do first and why.

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