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You dream of being successful. You dream of having true financial freedom, but you can’t seem to get out of your own way. The success you dream of seems like this impossible dream. You know what you should do but you don’t do it. Do you suffer from a behaviour loophole?

Midori Verity shows you how to move those negative behaviour loopholes for good so that you can stop struggling and start succeeding.

About  Midori Verity

As a transformational success coach, best-selling author, speaker, and show host, MidoriVerity assists ambitious professionals with discovering their best path to excellence by breaking down their negative behavioral loops, for easier, lasting success!

Midori is the best-selling author of, ‘Secrets to a Kickass Marriage,’ host to, ‘The Shift Show,’ and is the founder of the ‘MOX Life.’ She has a degree in Communications and Sociology from the University of California, Davis. Midori also is a Certified Behavioral Consultant. She’s been featured on FoxNews, CBS, Prevention Magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings

Show Highlights

– What are you telling yourself?
– The more we repeat a behaviour the more we reinforce it
– Changing the behaviour you follow
– Knowing your core values are important to change
– How to change the behaviour and make it last forever

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