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Want to learn how to invest individually without money managers controlling your money? My guest expert Brian Feroldi shares with you how it is completely possible for you and the advantages you have as an individual investor.

About  Brian Feroldi

Brian has been striving for financial independence even before he knew what the term meant.
Brian struck gold right out of college when he was hired at a successful medical device company soon after it was founded. However, Brian spent all of his free time on his true passion — investing. Brian struck gold again in 2015 when he was hired by Motley Fool to cover the healthcare industry for He has been doing that ever since.

Brian currently resides in Rhode Island where he is happily married and is working hard to raise three small kids. Brian’s hobbies are playing games of all types (chess and fortnite have his attention right now), volunteering at his kids’ activities, hanging out with friends, and cheering on the Patriots.

Show Highlights

– Professional money managers are at a huge disadvantage when compared to individual investors
– Obstacles money managers are up against compare to the freedom an individual investor
– Find out as an individual investor best practices to getting your money compounding for you
– Why you should buy stocks directly in companies
– Brian walks his talk and shares with you the percentages of how his portfolio is doing currently

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