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How do you know if a company is worth investing in? Returns on investment in some internet companies have been hundreds of thousands. Andrew Winn is here to share with you a company he believes is worth the investment

About Andrew

Are you looking for a possible extremely high-ROI investment opportunity? As a professional investor, you might be interested in taking a look at a blockchain SaaS project where the ROI may exceed double digit multiples of your original investment – In short, our platform was designated by Citigroup as “the Top People Management Solution” and we are getting good progress on our efforts to make it mandatory for use by all government contractors. Is it a kind of opportunity you or your friends might be interested in? If not, do you know somebody who’s looking for this kind of project?

You can reach me at: I look forward to hearing from you.

Show Highlights

– Investment opportunity-Technologically designed to monitor billable computer-based work
– Knowing how much time an employee or person has to spend on a project for you
– Transparent verification
– How to invest in a technology-based business
– How the workforce is moving away from the 9-5 job

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