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Always wanted to side hustle? Find out how to create multiple streams of income by spending your time on productive side hustle business and what to consider before you get involved.

About Lisa Linfield

Lisa Linfield has a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) to teach 1 million women about money in the next 7 years. How to make it, how to invest it and how to protect it. Having set the goal, the
challenge was how to achieve it. And that’s led to a journey that’s taken her to do things she’d never dreamt of doing in her 19 years of working in corporate based financial services.

Having worked in both South Africa and the UK for companies such as Halifax Bank of Scotland, Citigroup, Deloittes, Nedbank and Hollard, she left in July 2017 to start her own wealth management

But she soon realised that working 1-on-1 wouldn’t enable her to reach 1 million women. So she started Working Women’s Wealth just over a year ago. Her blog posts, newsletters, online videos
and podcasts have become the primary way she’s working to reach her goal, with her podcast having reached over 11,000 downloads in 61 Countries.

Show Highlights

– Never underestimating the learning involved
– Try in failing
– The truth about someone who is an overnight success
– Defining success
– How badly do you want it?
– Prioritizing time in your day to develop the self-discipline
– The power of having an attitude of learning

Lisa’s Gift For You

Here’s a free  infographic and 7 video online course that will teach you how to earn an extra $1,000 – the start of your side hustle.  The video’s take you step by step through how you can do 6 different things to earn extra money.

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