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Powerful insight into how Chuck, a successful real estate investor buys, sells and makes a killing on real estate. Sharing with you his secret formula to wealth.

About  Chuck Sutherland

Mr. Sutherland personally developed eleven self-storage-storage properties in Dallas / Ft. Worth, two in St. Louis, and one each in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Oklahoma City. He is a development consultant for self-storage as well. Chuck has also developed, redeveloped, and consulted on numerous hotel projects in several states over the years.

He is currently President of the National Council of Exchangors.

Finally, Mr. Sutherland has three published Creative Real Estate Financing books and is co-author of a book for entrepreneurs titled Game Changer 2: Stories That Saved Lives, an Amazon International Best Seller.

Creative Transaction of the Year Award: 2010 from the Society of Exchange Counselors
Excellence in Education Award:2012 from the New York State Commercial Association of Real Estate
Excellence in Education Award:2015 from the Society of Exchange Counselors

Show Highlights

– Understanding people and the power of relationships
– How to get what you want while giving people what they want
– Chucks personal story from broke single father to success with real estate
– How you can get started in real estate and create the same success in your life
– How to acquire a quality property

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