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Homeless, divorced, lost her mum and her daughter to living in peace and abundance. Karen turned her life around thanks to gratitude. Find out how the practice of gratitude can transform your financial freedom life.

About  Karen Purves

Karen Purves is the author of Gratitude Prompts due to be published in February 2019.

She wrote the book to show others the power of gratitude and to turn her life around. Her first introduction to gratitude was just after she had left her marriage which started a chain reaction of events that would see her homeless a year later.

It was a huge shock, how a highly educated person with career success, an MD of a Marketing College, could end up, in one year, without a job, a home and even friends stepped aside.

That was 20 years ago.

Five years ago, the death of her mother started a new chain of events including with the sudden death of her cherished daughter at just 22. Would history repeat itself?

Having practiced gratitude throughout the intervening years, this time, Karen sought the ‘gems in the darkness’ rather than be overwhelmed. The gems lit the path urging her to change countries, do something different with her life and make new friends.

The big difference between these two events is purely mindset.

Financially, Karen is blessed to be in a situation where money effortlessly arrives to fund her while writing her book and tour in 2019.

Show Highlights

– Gratitude is a feeling
– Why most people fail at gratitude
– How to overcome your greatest obstacle with the practice of gratitude
– How to make gratitude a permanent practice in your life
– Karen’s heart-breaking story to peace and abundance

Karen’s Gift For You

Extract of the Book Gratitude Prompts
This contains five topics to enhance your gratitude practice and bring more of what you desire. Link will be

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