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Learn how to scale and systemize your business without you having to change your habits but using technology to do it all for you. Know where your money is going, give your money direction and watch your profits soar, all while building your freedom lifestyle.

About Katherine Pomerantz

Katherine Pomerantz, an actress turned accountant, has capitalized on her artistic background to create the Chaos Money Framework, a signature tax service for creative entrepreneurs. Her financial expertise has been featured by Buzzfeed, Discover Card, and Incfile. Katherine’s unique perspective on money allowed her to open her own accounting firm in less than a year with no previous financial experience. Now, her virtual firm has global reach as she’s helped everyone from ex-pats to international start-ups create profitable businesses of their own. Katherine has become a champion for creative talents in the internet age and relishes debating ethical entrepreneurship over milkshakes and fries. Connect with her at

Show Highlights

– How Katherine opened her own accounting firm in less than a year with no previous experience
– It is hard to change your habits, don’t worry. Use technology! -Katherine shares some of her favourite systemizing tools
– The power of understanding how money works
– Every time you scale up there a whole new level to thinking about
– The struggle of making money and having time to manage your money

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