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Are you struggling to make money and no matter what you try you still end up with the same amount of income, the same debt and feeling stuck and exhausted.

Is your conscious mind saying one thing and your actions are doing another? My guest expert today Patricia shares with you how to engage the power of your subconscious mind to change your relationship with money from a struggle to abundance.

About Patricia Mitchell

When Patricia was sitting on her bed at 24 years of age she felt a strong feeling come over her which said: “you don’t have to struggle with money it’s OK to be rich”. Patrica said out loud “show me, God, how to develop a wealthy mindset”.

Something inside of her started to lead Patricia to all the answers giving her the knowledge about money and how to obtain it. Patrica was guided to secret documents on wealth. That was 60 years ago. Today Patricia is an expert on creating wealth and abundance.

Show Highlights

-You don’t have to struggle for money
-Why your subconscious mind is so effective and how to get it working for you instead of against you
-How Patricia manifested $10,000 per month
-Patricia shares her four-step process to attracting money into your life
-“You get what you are” why this statement matters to you

Connect with Patricia

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