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Thinking of getting yourself a financial advisor but don’t know who to choose or how to find the right one?

Will Rassman is a financial advisor and today he shares with you the important questions you should be asking your financial advisor to make sure he is a good fit for you.

About William Rassman

William Rassman, CFP®, is a speaker, author, and financial services advisor for successful individuals & families. He began his career at Smith Barney in the financial district of New York in 2008, and is a Wealth Advisor at Centric Capital Advisors.

Will graduated from Wagner College in New York, New York, with a BA in economics. A former college hockey player and NCAA golfer, Will live in Manhattan Beach, California, with his wife Svetlana. He is an active member of the Financial Planning Association and Toastmasters International. During his free time, he enjoys volunteering with his dog, Gopher.

Show Highlights

-The questions you ask your advisor is as important as the questions they ask you
-Will addresses the hot topic “fees and hiring an advisor”
-Knowing your Razor’s edge
-Ask your advisor what strategies he has to minimize risk outside of traditional investing
-Importance of sticking with the plan

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