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A powerful conversation about the benefits of leaving your home country behind. How anyone can do this. How to get the tax savings and benefits of living in other countries.

And the beauty of running your business so that you can travel and live your freedom life from a man who lives this dream every day.

Meet Vincenzo, who is going to share with you, how you make this your reality too.

About Vincenzo Villamena

Vincenzo Villamena is an American CPA and the Managing Partner of Online Taxman, which offers completely secure and online tax preparation services including an online document exchange and upload systems utilization modern communication technologies.

He lives now as an expat in Medellin, Colombia and has extensive experience in both tax preparation and advising clients in accounting and financial transactions.

Mr. Vincenzo has “Big 4” audit and corporate accounting experience from his time with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was involved in Fortune 100 audit engagements and M&A transactions – giving him the knowledge to perform analysis in valuation, corporate finance, and technical accounting issues.

More recently, Vincenzo has served as a partner in 4 Corners Inc. focusing on individuals and businesses for accounting and tax preparation matters.

Vincenzo has both a Masters of Accounting and Bachelors of Business Administration with distinction from the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

Once a citizen of New York City Vincenzo has now left the States to live a better life in Medellin. It is here Vincenzo currently runs his business. Leaving the States has allowed Vincenzo to enjoy entrepreneurship and find better life opportunities elsewhere.

Show Highlights

-How to save a lot of money outside your country
-Why tax matters
-Why we should be focusing as much on playing defense as we do on creating more income
-Benefits of 1st world amenities and 3rd world prices
-How to leave the rat race behind

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