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Why do you want to be financially free? What do you think the money will bring you?

We say we want the money but rarely the money is the real reason why we want to be wealthy or financially free. There usually is a far deeper why?

My guest expert today, Robert shows you how to catapult your journey to freedom by helping you figure out you’re compelling why.

About Robert Gignac

Robert Gignac is the author of the international best-seller “Rich is a State of Mind”, a novel that examines personal finance as seen through the eyes of a humorously dysfunctional family.

A two-minute conversation about personal finance turned into a
self-published best-seller in both Canada and the US. This book is now in its 3rd edition and 17th print with over 45,000 copies sold. Robert has lead over 250 speaking events across North America.

While the book does have a financial finance focus. The book is about how the choices of James and Joyce lead them down two very different paths.

Show Highlights

-Why is more important than how
-Money is a horrible motivator
-Money is a good slave but a horrible master
-How to find you’re why?
-Why you need to listen to that thing that is always on your mind
-Don’t fall victim to you’re why not being big enough
-Get your own Polar Bear why!

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Copy of “Rich is a State of Mind” (Canadian or US)

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