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Ever wanted to trade on the stock exchange, buy property and get investing? Anmol Singh shares with you the characteristics of what makes a person successful at trading.

About Anmol Singh

Anmol launched in 2015 which has been voted the #1 Trading Education Firm for the last three years. Anmol has coached and trained over 1000+ Traders and Investors. Some of whom now run their own Hedge funds.

Anmol is considered by many to be the leading expert in the trading psychology space having helped traders from all over the world deal with psychological and behavioral issues that arise when high stakes are on the line.

Currently, Anmol is an avid Stock Market and Forex trader and spends most of his day working with students at Livetraders and continues to financially back them.

Anmol is also involved with other entrepreneurial ventures and franchise stores. He invests in the automotive sector while maintaining a Real Estate Portfolio.

Show Highlights

-Anyone can get into Day Trading
-Take control of your own investment
-What makes a great trader
-Buy and Hold Strategy or Buy and Hope
-Knowing when to stay and when to get out

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