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Have you ever tried to get rich or restrict the amount of money you have because it all must go to creating your financially free life?

Jennifer Noel Taylor has walked your journey from hoping the money part of her life would sort itself to living a life of true abundance.

Find out how you can also create true financial freedom without denying or depriving yourself of life’s little luxuries.

About Jennifer Noel Taylor

Jennifer graduated from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, CA) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and a Minor in Philosophy. After graduation, she started her first job as a Software Engineer at a big company in San Diego.

Like so many people, she felt incredibly trapped and depressed at a job that paid the bills but didn’t align with her true passion in life. She innately knew that she had a purpose and felt keenly aware that she was not following her true calling in life.

To cope with the social isolation and depression she felt at work, she studied bodywork and alternative healing. She attended the International Professional School of Bodywork, Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and the Maui Academy of Healing Arts. While working on people, she started to feel the “energy fields” emanating from people. She became fascinated by energy healing and studied various energy healing modalities, including Reiki.

She met Richard Gordon, the founder of Quantum-Touch as his lecture on Maui. She fell in love with the vision of Quantum-Touch and received a very clear message from the Universe that energy healing was her true calling. Shortly after training in Quantum-Touch, she quit her job, took a leap of faith, and finally followed her Heart. She took over as CEO of Quantum-Touch in June 2002.

As CEO of Quantum-Touch, she continues to promote optimal wellness by helping people connect more deeply to their love. Not only is Love the basis of all healing but it also is the guiding force behind the business itself. Her business practices include spiritually rewarding jobs, loving service to the world, environmental responsibility, and financial abundance. Quantum-Touch has grown from a regional U.S company to a Multinational corporation.

Show Highlights

-Investing at the end of the day is decisions and we make decisions based on what we think is going to happen in the future. How to make educated decisions.
-Most people dive in wanting to hit the end game instead of realizing it a journey, it’s a long game.
-What is your investment plan? What is your path to get there?
-Importance of committing the time to learn
-Easy for anybody now to invest with EFT’s broad base market at a low cost
-Emotions and investment
-Three core competency you need to develop to be a successful investor

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