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Starting off in investing can be confusing for most. They don’t know the markets, they don’t know who to trust or how to get educated in what to do next to get their money working hard for them.

My guest today Aman Raina shares with you the important structure you most put in place to become truly financially free.

About Aman Raina

Aman helps new and experienced investors who want to be financially secure but feel confused and intimated by the investing world.

As an Investment Coach, Aman teaches and engages his clients on how to make more educated and more successful investment decisions so that they can achieve financial freedom in their lives with confidence.

Show Highlights

-Investing at the end of the day is decisions and we make decisions based on what we think is going to happen in the future.
-Most people dive in wanting to hit the end game instead of realizing it a journey, it’s a long game.
-What is your investment plan? What is your path to get there?
-Importance of committing the time to learn
-Easy for anybody now to invest with EFT’s broad base market at a low cost
-Emotions and investment
-Three core competency you need to develop to be a successful investor

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