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The middle class is failing to create financial freedom. Society is set up for you to fail. Brandom Broadwater talks about why this is so and what you can do about it.

About Brandon Broadwater

Brandon Broadwater started his business empire as a broke college student. Before graduation, he had created his first Multimillion-Dollar business. Over the next decade, he founded The Master Your Power Within® Movement, now in 19 countries worldwide, that has liberated thousands of people around the world to become not only Rich, but also Abundant in terms of finance, relationships, spirituality, and emotional well being.

Show Highlights

-The middle-class system is not set up to work for you
-There are 4 worlds of money
-I started out broke & have 3 Multi-Million Dollar Companies and a 4th one on the way
-How to get from stuck to unstuck
-Happiness and money
-If money is your driver, you don’t have a driver big enough to make money. You need to have something drive you that is bigger than the money
-Money needs a reason
-How to win from within

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