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Financial Freedom has shifted to creating your freedom at any age rather than waiting until you retire. It is how you live today. Patrick shares with you the important ingredients necessary to create your freedom today.

About Patrick Donohoe

Patrick Donohoe is a bestselling author and the author of his new book Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: A Financial Strategy to Reignite the American Dream.

He is the President and CEO of Paradigm Life – one of the largest private financial planning and advising firms in the world. He works with investors, business owners, professionals, and families.

Patrick has shared the stage with some of the best financial experts in the world with experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, G, Edward Griffin, Tom Hopkins, Blair Singer, and Donald Trump Jr.

Patrick co-created the Cash Flow Wealth Summit with his friends Tom Wheelwright, CPA of Provision Wealth and Andy Tanner, the author of 401kaos and Stock market cash flow. He is also the host of the Wealth Standard show.

Show Highlights

– Defining what is freedom to you
– Money Anxiety. What is keeping you up at night?
– State of mind is more important than what is in your bank account
– Positioning your money in ways that support your financial freedom journey
– Importance of finding out what you uniquely offer
– Achieving financial freedom as soon as possible over waiting until the future
– Understanding and utilizing long-term benefit and short-term leverage

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