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Self-worth has a big impact on your life. When we lack self-worth we tend to undervalue ourselves, we don’t ask for the promotion we want, we undervalue our programs and products and we tend to struggle with money and fail to create our life of financial freedom.

Katherine Dean shares with you how to turn your financial life around by putting your focus on growing your self-worth.

About Katherine Dean

Katherine Dean is known as the “Financial Empowerment” woman. Her experience in the financial industry has helped hundreds of business owners, individuals, couples and women create a life of wealth and abundance.

She’s the founder of Living Your Worth, Inc. and the popular programs Wealth-To-Freedom Formula & The Wealthy Woman Within. Katherine has an MBA, she currently runs three businesses, collects multiple streams of passive income.

Katherine will enlighten you to create your vision for the future from where you are right now so you can gain the financial confidence & independence to create the life you want.

Katherine lives in New York in the “happiest town in America” along with her spouse and two daughters & two dogs, Baxter & Roscoe.

Show Highlights

– When I finally owned my worth my income tripled
– How to get over seeking others approval & playing small
– I am not able to afford my mortgage, I am highly educated and living someone else’s dream
– How to transform your relationship with money
– Power of owning your worth and sharing your brilliance

Katherine’s Gift For You

“Transforming Your Relationship With Money Will Impact Your Family, Career &  Financial Future”
Opt in: Wealth To Freedom Roadmap

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