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Did you know that you CANNOT save your way to wealth? Are you trying to plan for retirement and are overwhelmed with all of the financial considerations? A critical piece to this is knowing the secrets about the time and value of money. On today’s episode, Robb explains the importance of sound financial retirement planning and how you can reorder your thinking process for a better financial outcome.

About Robb Hill:

Financial advisor, author and inspirational speaker, Robb Hill helped people for over 18+ years; throughout his career he has helped people not only put their financial house in order, but reorder their thinking processes for a better life outcome. His powerful lectures on basic financial planning, corporate communication and personal development are revolutionizing the way people look at their lives, their choices, and their futures. Robb’s book, Ask the Right Questions Get the Right Answers for Sound Financial Retirement Planning is available on, etc.

Show Highlights:

– Robb teaches you to set goals and be smart about what you spend.
– Learn the importance of shifting your mindset about saving money.
– Learn how to reorder your thinking process for a better financial outcome.
– Understand the differences between what you believe and what you want.
– Robb shares what ‘tomorrow’ people are.

Connect with Robb:


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