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Is your cashflow non-existent? Would you love to create consistent cashflow like a master in your life? Of course you do! Lia Dunlap sits down to dish about her journey to increasing her monthly income by following the power plan; she shares her life story and tells you that she struggled before being successful!

About Lia Dunlap

“Intuitive Life Coach, Master Creator, Speaker and Best-Selling Author. Lia is also the creator of The Power Plan life coaching program and the Master Creators Academy. She has over 20 years of experience helping people find their purpose, create lasting change, and make money.

Once homeless, broke and divorced, she struggled to find her place and share the Oracle’s messages with the world. She downplayed her gift and continued working full-time corporate jobs to make ends meet.

One fateful day, she received a divine download detailing the specific steps needed to attract money, opportunities and clients with ease. The same steps that helped take her business income from a trickle to making over $30,000 in a single month. Steps she has shared with thousands of successful clients across the globe.”

Show Highlights

– Lia shares her experience of how she turns her life around

– Find out what the power plan is and all of its components

– Lia speaks about the oracle gift and how it helped her get to where she is today

– Understand the importance of creating a cash flow system that works for you!

– What is ULP and what role will it play for you?

– Lia shares what freedom truly means and how you can achieve it

Lia’s Gift For You

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