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Is your business turning a profit? What are you doing with that profit? What is the importance of putting your business profits first before anything else? Rocky teaches you the actions to take to avoid a failing business.

About Rocky Lalvani

Rocky Lalvani, MBA, Enrolled Agent IRS, is the millionaire next door. He started out with basically nothing as his parents immigrated to the United States when he was 2 years old and his dad was 42. It was their second big move in life and they were starting over again to create the American dream. In spite of a lot of struggles and Rocky’s mom passing away when he was 7, he has been able to achieve financial success.

Rocky achieved financial success by automating his savings, spending less than he earned, negotiating everything and reducing risk. He has multiple income streams from W-2 wages, side businesses, and real estate ventures. His focus is helping other people put profit first so they can enjoy the life of their dreams.

Show highlights

– Rocky shares how building a successful life is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
– Is your business failing? Find out why most businesses struggle and understand why you need to pinpoint what is going – on.
– Rocky shares how to save a failing business!
– Are you a pricing wizard, or a pricing novice? Discover the effect appropriate pricing can have on your business.
– Rocky gives you an insider perspective on the importance of selling, checking your numbers, and why your marketing and selling need to be aligned with your business.

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