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Meet Lorna

Hello! I’m Lorna, The Financial Freedom Podcast host. Great to meet you!

I created The Financial Freedom Podcast to accelerate my journey in creating the life I love to live a life that is rich, full and rewarding and share my time with friends and family as well as the freedom that comes from breaking free of financial concerns.

I invite you to join me on your journey to financial freedom by tuning into The Financial Freedom Podcast, where I sit down with the leading experts to dig deep and ask the tough questions. Forget the heavy financial jargon that leaves you scratching your head and more confused than when you started! We will be breaking down all-things-finances from debt to savings to investing, and everything you need to know about creating a nest egg that outlives you…all in language that you can understand!

How Lorna's Guidance has Impacted Others

“Did something recently that has really open my life up in only a few weeks. I hired a wealth mindset coach and in my opinion the best person to ever come into my life. If you have never thought of this it’s well worth it. Thank you Lorna, for all your help. ”

-Terry, USA

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Lorna for several years as a coaching associate and friend. She puts her clients at ease with her dynamic personality and positive energy as she gently uncovers the core of their personal struggles and brings them to a place of peace, joy, and happiness.”

-Carol, USA

“Lorna opened up my mind and really helped me shift my mindset in order to see that the notion of “Financial Freedom” could actually be a reality for me. I appreciate her experience and humor, as she made what was a very daunting topic for me, more approachable and understandable; her exercises were packed full of value, all targeting how to ditch my poverty mindset and develop one of wealth. Lorna is a breath of fresh air in what can be a stressful topic, and has inspired me to really get active and intentional when it comes to taking control of my financial freedom!”

-Lindsay, USA

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