Want a great guy? Then choose a great guy.

“He was brilliant. He’s so lovely and thoughtful, interested in me, asking questions , loads to chat about, referred to us as a couple, called me beautiful and he is a great kisser, I am so attracted to him, he seems genuine and nice and is really stepping up. I can’t wait to just be in arms night after night and the best part Lorna he is quality”.

Wanting and having are two different things, we all want a great guy where we can sing from the roof top how wonderful he is, we want the kind of love other women talk about.

And if you want a better love life you better start picking a better guy…..Here is what you need to look out for…..

Attraction over chemistry

One of the biggest mistakes women make is choosing chemistry and physical attraction over being treated well by a guy they like. Chemistry is a short term high with a costly low point. Think of the last guy you had chemistry with? Are you still with him now? How are you feeling, is it all over?

I am guessing not very well, with a longing pain for what if? What if things were different, why didn’t it work out? I need him, what did I do wrong? Might be the conversation you are having with yourself. No offence but that is a sorry state to be in… its hell! I have been there.

Attraction is different; attraction is finding the overall person attractive. You like them physically, you have fun with them, you can’t wait to jump into bed with him, you just want to get to know him more and more and life feels good. You feel like you have made the right choice for you. If you want to choose a better guy put your focus on finding him attractive and less on the high.

Generosity of spirit should be hot to you

If you want to feel loved, cared for, special and important in his life, you need to pick a guy who is capable of love, who showers you with affection,  who makes you feel special, who wants to take care of you, allows you freedom within the relationship to be you. So please pick a man with good character traits that are important to you.

One of the secrets of finding a great guy is know what you want, know the characteristics you want in your ideal guy. Generosity should be hot to you!

Being treated well is a turn on

He brings you flowers, he tells you he loves you, he wants to know about your day or run you a bath. Being treated well should be hot to you.

Waiting by the phone for the call he promised you, he canceled the date you both planned, he is too busy to be with, he is sleeping with someone else as well as you should be a turn off!

So please remember to find being treated well a turn on

Pick your compliment

Know what makes your world better, what is your compliment? I am a go getter, I am an innovator… always wanting to achieve and looking for the next thing. I am also fun, playful and loving… traits men desire in women. But if I was going to find the perfect guy for me, I had to find my compliment.

My compliment is a guy who is peaceful, relaxed, fun, loving, and generous, thinks of others, physically attractive and can be his own person.

Look for your compliment? What guy would bring out the best in you and you in him?

You be quality

You want a great guy, then be quality. Be the best date he has ever had, be the best conversation he has ever had, be the best fun, show him affection. Think quality, once you play your part right and you show up as an amazing woman he never experienced before you will have no problem attracting and choosing a great guy.

Go for what you want

There are only three guys you can date in the world. the wrong guy, the boring guy and the right guy. The wrong guy is everywhere and does not make you feel good about yourself, the boring guy he is the one who is great on paper but you are not attracted too.  The right guy is the guy you are afraid to go have a conversation with because you might actually get what you want. If you want the kind of love that makes you feel alive inside then you must have to muster up the courage, show interest and let him know you exist. Go after what you want.

If you want a great relationship, then you must choose a better guy.

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Lorna Poole is a dating expert who helps women like you, succeed in love.



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