What To Do With The Men You Don't Want

You know that ex you keep contacting or he keeps contacting you or the relationship where you regret that the two of you broke up and you still blame yourself for that outcome. Well today I want you to quite simply let him go for a couple of reasons.

First reason is your motivation of why you should keep in contact with him comes from a place of fear, regret or not enough. Fear that there is no other good men out there and you let a good one go. You are probably believing it is your fault that the relationship broke up (trust me, it is not) and you are being hard on yourself and seriously he is not all that!

In my case when I self-sabotage is because I actually fear what I want, I actually fear being happy. Weird..huh!

I personally traveled for years so my habit is to just to hang out with randoms and not think anymore of it or if I am upsetting anyone else even if my acts are innocent. When this guy contacted me via messenger I almost starting typing back sure why not? yea let’s go hang out in New York while I am over here and then I STOPPED myself and went Lorna you have been dreaming for years to meet you perfect man. The man you’re actually excited about who treats you well and you love showing off to the world and your friends and you have him now.

Why the hell would you want to screw that up?

You see it was a habit of mine to just meet someone on a whim and hang out with them with no agenda, just carefree me. Although hanging out with my male friend in my head was just chatting and saying hello. I thought about how would that look to the person I am with? Honestly, not very good. So within a few seconds of receiving the message I declined it but this was more significant than that.

I could feel my whole past coming back to hunt me, all my broken relationships and what if’s.

I had just broke a habit of 35 years in favor of the life I truly wanted to live instead of another glorious version of my own self-sabotage.

What is your habit? What do you repeatedly do that you now must stop in favor of what you want?

I know you are reading this blog because you like me, also want to have your happy ever after story. Yes I coach, yes my life is good and I have a great relationship but I also have deep seated patterns from childhood and memories from the past that still want to come back and bite me in the ass.

Every moment is a choice point, always choose in favor of your good.

Lorna empowers women to gain the strength to let of the wrong guy and attract the right guy. Join Lorna’s Magnet For Love, Beautiful Me 21 Day Challenge Here.

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